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Hey Ashley!

I really enjoyed your post. I think in reflecting on your post and the readings you cite I agree. I believe that the feelings we have about media have completely transcended time. Plato felt as if we would stop focusing our time on learning what he beleived was the highest of skills a person could imploy, rhetorical prowess if you will. He lived in a society that urged people to learn how to practice orator in the highest form for the goal of representing themselves in society. However, the problem of is technology making us dumb seems to be a prevelant question for us culturally.

I would argue that perhaps the biggest thing we could do as academics and for some educators is to teach the affordances and the limitations of the technologies people use everyday. For example, Dr. Jason Kalin taught a course during my undergraduate studies where we learned how to make things viral based on learning how people behave on social media. I learned that people like things that allow them to behave in a way that are cognitively miserly. This basically exposes that technology makes us inherently lazy because we can just retweet, share, and forward things to each other without having to have dialogue about it. So my question then is do you think the problem is actually technology or perhaps the problem is the way we are utilizing it? Just my thoughts! Thanks for your awesome post. See you in class.

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