Badge in GitHub

GitHub is so awesome. It is where people around the world collaborate with each other.

It is more awesome to show more about you in your GitHub profile. How about a badge? a welcome text?

It is doable with organization. GitHub takes time and name of the organiazations you joined to determined how it displays on your profile

This is what shown on my GitHub profile

For me, I display the text “Hello World”, so I have to create organizations for “h”, “e”, “l”, “l”, “o”, “w”, “o”, “r”, “l”, “d”

To ensure the order, you can name your organization like “org-h”, “org-he”, “org-hel”, “org-hell”, “org-hello”, … and you must join the organization in the correct order

I create another GitHub account called to manage my organizations

Your imaginary is your limit. May your code continue to compile :grin:

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