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Hi all, I’m excited to introduce the next version 2.0 of Elegant Converter. This is months of hard work, and is an overhaul redesign and rewritten from scratch to make it work as smooth and effective as possible.

🤩 Why make this app?

I write this app firstly for myself and friends who have been asking for native, offline first, convenient Mac application to easily convert multiple files at speed with multiple popular formats

I myself always need to convert, compress, resize media, images, and especially gif files in order to publish on social media or my projects.

🔥 What can Elegant Converter do for you?

New in 2.0 is a task selector, where we can easily select from a bunch of tasks
◇ Convert audio, video file to many different formats lile like, mov, mp4, mp3, gif, ogg, wav, opus, avi, webm, flac, …
◇ Resize video, change bit rate, frame rate, trim duration
◇ Add poster image to an audio file, this is suitable for producing video from podccast recording and a cover image
◇ Special convert to and from gif
◇ Compress video, audio and gif files to reduce file size with lots of options
◇ Resize images
◇ Remove and extract audio part of a video
◇ Merge and split video file to smaller…


Khoa Pham

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