Dream ☁️ Love ️💛 Shine ☀️

Onno Faber
Feb 2, 2019 · 1 min read

082018 – Sitting on a chair equipped with big sheets of paper and a pen, last week I randomly ended up drawing three portraits of people that showed up — to have their portrait drawn… The imaginary contexts of each of those portraits ended up being a sun, a cloud and a heart. Reflecting on that, here’s a short poem honoring our amazing ability to imagine. ‘Dreaming’ to me is one of our mind’s most fascinating capabilities and one that’s behind our growth as an individual and as a society as a whole.

I dream a lot
about how things could be
it seems, my life is about
making some of those dreams become a reality

those dreams are vulnerable
and to be able to keep dreaming, we have to know
that wherever and whenever we are, we are home
and no matter the circumstances, we are loved

come dream with me
act and experience, especially if it scares you
and lets shake things up where we need it most

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