Tapstack is shutting down, this is how we got started and what we’ve learned (formerly Taptalk and Ding Dong)

Taptalk interface

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How we got started

Onno demo’ing the first Ding Dong app

2013: The starting point and the launch of “Ding Dong”

First version of the “Ding Dong” app
At some point we even added tiny camera-based snapshots that would appear as a geo-located pin on the map.

2014: Time to empty the whiteboard and leverage our learnings, Taptalk was born

The first screen turns out to be a critical starting point

The Taptalk design “inspired” some other apps
Taptalk interface
From Techcrunch: Taptalk CEO Onno Faber Discusses What It’s Like To Be Cloned By Facebook

There is still a need for personal and vulnerable interactions

Thank you

Leo, Onno and Jorn in Berlin