How Visual User Generated Content Is Important For Brand Awareness

Almost everyone and their mothers own a smart phone in America. Do they not?

There is a statistic out that almost 80% of people in the great country of the United States of America own a smartphone. The rest still have ancient artifacts of technology. But majority own a mobile phone, thats almost everyone and their mothers. But you get the gist.

Everyday single day people who own these smartphones are pushing what are called user generated content (UGC) basically their own content, and sharing over 2 billions with their friends, and family. Basically bottom line is that millions of people across America are own some type of social media platform.

As social media and technology are evolving different ways of sharing content is changing as well. I think now we are in the times where visual content is a huge opportunity to expand your brand or business.

The way smartphones are set up nowadays, it makes it easier for the user to share visual content at anytime, and anyplace. It gives the consumer, if you are running a small business, an opportunity for them to interact with you the brand or owner to spread the word about your brand or business in a unique way. It could actually a vital part of your marketing strategy. You can use the UGC to get feedback about your product or service.

Businesses of all sizes are now using this strategy of visual content marketing to engage, and to attract new and existing customers. It’s just how social media is moving now is through visual content.

Strategies For UGC Visual Content

You don’t have to invest a large chuck in creating your content, with user generated content, for smaller businesses, you let the customer do the work for you.

If you take advantage of the wide spread of social media with a campaign that engages with your customers by attracting them with a unique hashtag. It involves the customer who are more than willing to engage back with you as brand or a business.

Bottom line is when putting out content be authentic, engage with your clients, you want them for business, let them know that you are real. Post real content about your business. Engage, engage, engage.

When consumers see that and see that you are vested in their interest, they will trust you as a brand and start sharing your photos, videos with their community.