Rally was started nearly three years ago with a simple goal — let anyone buy/sell shares in things they care about. We’ve made great progress with classic cars, our first asset class.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re adding support for all types of collectible assets on Rally, letting our members truly build a 21st Century portfolio.

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While many recognize collectible assets as important pieces of history, few are aware that many have had strong histories of appreciation. There’s always been a stigma that investing and hobby had to be totally separate activities. Investing in your future meant less money to spend on things you enjoy right now, and vice versa. Today’s launch is our next step in changing that narrative.

We’re starting today by adding three assets to the platform: A First Edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1 of 200), a Honus Wagner T206 Baseball Card (1 of ~60) and the first ever quartz Rolex 5100 Beta (1 of 1,000). …


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