‘Dollars on the blockchain’ — AUDRamp, the first Australian compliant ERC20 stablecoin, has launched.

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Stables as the sun comes up

OnRamp Technologies, a blockchain specialist, has announced the first Australian operational and fully compliant fiat backed stablecoin, termed AUDRamp. This stablecoin accesses a managed investment scheme registered in June, 2018.

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AUD Ramp, fiat backed ERC20 token

OnRamp provides the ability to ‘tokenise’ dollars on the Ethereum blockchain — giving ease of entry into the cryptocurrency market with the advantage of the ERC20 standard for transferrable tokens.

This is a game-changer for many Australians, who are currently assessing the cryptocurrency market and uncertain about how even to begin trading. Financial services and wealth management advisors are increasingly being approached by their clients, asking them for advice and ways they can both access and manage a portfolio inclusive of cryptocurrency. …


Onramp Technologies Pty Ltd

A regulated financial product based in Australia, with strong rule of law, and great beaches. Welcome to OnRamp.

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