How to encrypt your devices

Remember that encrypting your computer does not protect you from

advertiser tracking

government surveillance


It only helps when your computer or mobile device get stolen. The police or border guards can force you to decrypt or hand over passwords!

You need a plethora of tools and measures to make your use of technology private and secure!

Of course using a search engine where you aren’t the product is a good start! Thank you DuckDuckGo for being a trend setter here!

ProtonMail for encrypted email is also a good idea. Gmail sells your data to marketers.

The free and open source Firefox browser with PrivacyBadger by the EFF allows you to block tracking by Facebook and the likes.

Wickr offers truly secure instant messaging by self-destructing the messages after a while.

A Virtual Private Network/VPN acts like a “tunnel” to hide your browsing history from your Internet provider, advertisers and the government. It’s a bit harder to choose a proper VPN though: assists you.

Last but not least TOR makes your Internet experience anonymous, otherwise you leave traces of your activity everywhere.

On the other hand — if you have nothing to hide — why do you wear clothes then?

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