Love & Landscape

Celebrating my love through photography.

Sometimes photography is the only thing which forces me to refocus on my life on days when everything feels to be on-going. I struggle to recenter myself when my schedule seems too hectic. But looking through my camera reminds me of what’s important. When I’m editing photos, I’m looking at the subject/focal point and being reminded of why I chose to take my camera out at that moment to capture it. I am thinking about my feelings towards that subject and allowing myself to truly appreciate it.

This time I’m posting pictures of my partner and the beach/sea from our holiday. I am currently feeling overwhelmed from working all summer and starting university, but as I was editing these pictures I could just concentrate on how I wanted to the pictures to turn out without worrying about the million things I need to do.

So I just really love nature and I chose to edit those landscape pictures in a way which reflects my state of mind... Yeah, I am kind of wrapped in darkness and gloom. I’m also obsessed with taking candid pictures of my partner, especially those showing her profile. I love playing around with B&W settings to highlight how beautiful her face is.

I’m stressed and depressed but I’m finding ways to escape from my angst through my hobbies.

Thanks for reading,

Laurel May xxx