Why do I always text first?

Strange right? you all wondering about what to say? believe me, it’s easy!

I am personally against any rules or anything that says that:

you should not start the conversation with someone randomly!

Like why? why should I think twice before asking about a friend? send I love you message to my boyfriend or saying hey to my random crush!

So I always send the first message, say the first ice-breaking sentence :

Hey, let me present myself I am “your name”! And let’s not ask that stupid question about how we are doing? or what we did today? because we both know that it’s no one’s business, instead let’s talk about:

  • the universe and the last NASA trip to Mars
  • the politics in our country and how we can build a better world
  • Do you believe in aliens?
  • how to build a model with Spark Scala
  • Why Scala rather than Python?
  • Sexism and racism
  • What’s our biggest fear?
  • why we miss opportunities?

it’s easy you see?

First reason:

I do believe that you are missing opportunities by sitting there! wondering what if I text that person, what if he does not answer? what he ignore me? what if he thinks that I am always free and I am always the one sending messages! but what if he does not, what if he is waiting for your message? maybe you will get a great friendship? maybe you will get married? (joke)

Second reason:

Sending the first message is always the hard part of the task! I enjoy doing that, nothing to lose, you are the courageous one here!

For my entire life, I used to be shy and always think a lot before even saying hey! awkward I know! So now I am like paying my old debts of not talking, funny fact, right?

Third reason:

Why not? why we complicate our life? why we waste time waiting for that plopping sound so that we get our satisfaction!

What is true about the old dynamic is that every relationship has an alpha persona, but not necessarily gender related. So, feel free to be who you are! If you’re the one who knows what you want? Go after it!

-TRACEE DUNBLAZIER- from Why You Should Send the First Message article

I choose to be The alpha person, I think!

Last reason:

In my process of quitting the drama queen position, and so that my soul doesn’t blame me for missing opportunities because I am doing drama!

So I expect all this and send that freaking message and move on!