Drift — Pierce Me

I was given a difficult name by a friendly bunch of aliens that I’m trying my best to forget, but the more I endeavor to leave it behind me the more of these lapses I get. They certainly help me accept who I am, but I nonetheless miss drifting my car throughout the entirety of my day. I’m incredibly short and bald and very aware of what happened to me. If this gift enabled me to drift even more I wouldn’t have complained, but ever since I started rapidly expanding inside my head nothing excites me more than having the car perfectly still on the side of the road.

I have found that between these bouts of delusion I reawaken to higher knowledge; underneath this impression nestles a whirlpool of dreams that softly whirrs in the formless penumbra beyond our existence, a phantasmagoria of life’s many incoherencies that sinks down the palpable deeper patterns that my soul habitually witnesses throughout the day to resurface in my sleep, permitting me to silently ponder what it means to be short and bald in a magical yet totally practical way.

I know that the aliens meant well, I don’t think they feel or felt about drifting the same way I do or did, but all is okay now, because while I was trying to charm a girl I suddenly remembered The Alien Bestowed. I excused myself smiling like a maniac now that I remember my name it’s clear to me that I should die as soon as possible, stupid monkey! My body is much harder to destroy since I’m childless, so I sat down in my ROCCO chair and started shouting really loud inside my head for three consecutive days. Those extra-terrestrials have the worst culture!

On the fourth day I sat up to get coffee, instantly my vision dimmed to pitch black and my sense of balance disintegrated. Although my eyes were wide open I tried opening them further but there was something very soft holding them back. I couldn’t see shit! But then I started seeing something.

It was a strange wavy desert consumed by wind that has no sound, an invisible oily force stirring a half-buried group of cryptic edifices that lay huddled between medium sized dunes and particularly nothing else, some parched ancient time that felt way before the great Pharaohs, a hazy orange purgatory that stared back at the Sun.

There I was at the outskirts dressed in a bright brown robe, swirling my breaths into my bellybutton.

To some extent my heart knew it was going over to uneasy heresy, but despite the bent I was convinced it was the beginning of my Epic Drift, however unusual that my mind’s eye stared at the village and its peculiar structures with self-effacing curiosity.

This world oozed strange, complex feelings and I implore you to go through them as if they were your own, for it’s the only way to conjure up the images in your mind.

Each building had different dimensions: a unique blend between the tower of Babel and the Roman Coliseum, an impossible number of carved glyphs covering every still-standing centimeter, yet I couldn’t look at each one separately, examining them was useless however painless it was — my eyesight quickly slides to somewhere else, as if I was forcing two similar magnetic poles to meet, which as a kid I thought it would be an interesting thing for a car door, if I could make it happen.

So I focused on myself again. It was beautifully harsh; so as the desert ate away at this forgotten place, I felt some sort of a cathartic spiritual fatigue — which was incomprehensible to me — it was unlike anxiety, but through that emotional mess, lucidity was like milk sprawling inside a cup of coffee, and in that special blend I found enough comfort to make me go through this troubling arrangement, hey I thought to myself, if only to drive my old Miata like I always did, but now with Complete Understanding of The Road.

In the periphery of my eyesight one particular building caught my attention, there was something moving inside of it — a lively dark smudge dripping like engine oil into an ill-formed mass: the inhabitants, it must be, tens of humanoid figures wearing black robes and hoods, moving in tandem in separate groups to and fro the calm desert and their dilapidated cathedral, receiving some sort of sky teaching every time they stop outside, with their white feet fit snug into the red sand.

Sometimes what they hear pleases them, they cheer and pat each other, and sometimes it makes them angry so they shout back at the clouds and the azure sky, but nonetheless they return the cycle. If there were any girls among them, the sand babes! Bodies of black iron and eyes of pure gold!

The distance between me and them overlapped with a memory gap, and although I wasn’t sneaking up on them I tried to unassumingly join one group. To my surprise they were quick to uncover themselves — they were all human males — quicker still was how they strangely criticized the way I fell from the sky — which I have no recollection of whatsoever — saying I should’ve made a circle with my body before landing, instead I was as stiff as a board and I fell on my back like an ass. What!

That made me incredibly angry! I struck one of them in the face with my fist but before he could recover they all clamored and carried me outside. As they were hurrying I noticed that there was an old woman with them now. I didn’t struggle and I didn’t know what they were planning to do with me but all the same they threw me up a good distance up in the sky, and I fell down on my back again. Embarrassed I couldn’t stand their abominable sight, and with incredible strength I shoved them all aside then stormed out.

Their transgression was unbelievable to me, and I normally allow things that are obscene, I must’ve been terribly vulnerable — what does my descent from the sky mean? I don’t remember the act yet it evoked incredible emotion in me. Was it their disapproval that I hated most? But I used to continuously drift my car!

Outside that half exposed structure I found that a woman was waiting for me, and motioned me to follow her. I went to another huge building but that one had an inconvenient number of floors, with half a meter in height between each. When I got closer and walked through the curvy path dividing the building I saw that it housed thousands of embalmed corpses. Every two corpses were opposite each other, face to face on their sides all were adorned with different bony necklaces/jewelry unique to every couple. She told me that once a spouse dies the other has to stare at their corpse until they die as well, and this is their resting place, exposed to the wind and sand. Hmm!

I decided to go back to my previous group, but they told me that I was not allowed back on account of my actions, and instead I’m to join the other group, which was all female. Here I don’t remember the rest. :’)

Must’ve been the sex! Because it was all for nothing! I came back even shorter and a million years older!

Now I’m just a very tiny hair strand in a little boy’s nose. So much!

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