Let me tell you a little secret : We are immortal.
We are all hungry and thirsty for life but we never stopped to think do we really Die? How do we fall in that whole of nothingness and where does our existence lay ?
WHEN DO WE DIE do we really die? Is it when our fingertips turn blue and our lips stop shivering ? so the theory is we would base our entire identity in our physical bodies .Your physical creature dies therefore you stop existing. but if i were to ask you if you lost a hand or broke a knee or a shark bit your toes off you would you DIE? your answer would be NO . You would still be You, with your non existent non moving limbs because your reasoning and logic would be intact,
Therefore ,you based your existence on the bits and pieces,the envy ,the shit you said , the terrible jokes and the awkward moments , memories scattered in people’s brains, colorful tears..so let me ask you this, if you affect people family friends with those parts of your character, you implanted in your children and your siblings your morals, ones you based your existence on for a lifetime ,SO WHEN DO YOU REALLY DIE?
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