Hi! This is On-demand layer 2 platform Tokamak Network.

Tokamak Network has signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) with Danal Fintech(PayCoin), which operates a blockchain-based virtual asset payment service.

What is PayCoin

Tokamak DAO smart contract

Tokamak DAO Smart Contract

(1) What is Tokamak DAO

(2) Tokamak DAO smart contract <- Here

(3) DAO user interface and its use

(4) FAQ


  • Abstract
  • Contract overview
  • Election
  • DAO Committee
  • Proposal
  • DAO Vault
  • Others


Tokamak DAO is a system for making decisions about various things that affect the Tokamak Network ecosystem. This post explains how the Tokamak DAO smart contract system works in detail and how users can contribute to the ecosystem.

Contract overview

DAO contracts have the authority of almost all contracts related to the Tokamak Network and have the authority to execute functions that change the state value of each contract. Specifically, in…

Hi, this is an on-demand layer 2 platform, Tokamak Network.

We have recently partnered with Bifrost.

What is Bifrost?

What is Tokamak DAO?

(1) What is Tokamak DAO <- Here

(2) Tokamak DAO smart contract

(3) DAO user interface and its use

(4) FAQ


  • Abstract
  • Decision-making model: Indirect vote
  • Protocol upgrade: Soft fork vs Hard fork
  • Agenda
  • Committee, candidate and proposal resolution
  • Additional reference 1 — Terms

0. Abstract

After a long development, Tokamak DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization of the Tokamak Network, was launched. Tokamak DAO is defined as a smart contract system and autonomous organization built on a blockchain that allows holders of Tokamak Network token(TON) to directly participate in decision-making on major agendas that affect the ecosystem of Tokamak Network. Tokamak DAO…

Hi. This is On-Demand Layer 2 platform, Tokamak Network.

Tokamak Network’s DAO Beta has been released. Tokamak DAO is the first DAO in Korea where all decisions can be made on a contract basis. For more information on DAO, please refer to this article.

To participate in Tokamak DAO, you must go through the staking process. Participation in DAO natu …

Hi. This is the on-demand layer 2 platform “Tokamak Network”!

Tokamak Network has always believed in the need for a DAO in which important matters are determined through users. The outcome, Tokamak Network DAO is close to launch. Tokamak Network is a Contract-based DAO, and major issues of Tokamak Network will be decided on-chain.

According to the white paper and previous postings, the Tokamak Network has a fixed inflation rate of 19% per year, and accordingly, 19% of the total issuance will be additionally issued.

Of this, 40% is distributed to staking users, and 10% is distributed to PowerTON, which…

초창기, 이더리움에서 확장성 이슈는 그리 중요한 이슈가 아니었습니다. DApp도, ERC-20 토큰도 없었을 때의 이더리움은 비교적 한산했기 때문이었습니다.

비트코인에 비해서 광활한 대지였던 이더리움 (출처)

비트코인에서는 단순히 1층 주택(단순 토큰 전송)만 건설할 수 있었지만, 이더리움은 2층, 3층 주택은 물론 엘리베이터와 상업 시설(스마트컨트랙트)까지 건설이 가능했습니다.

하지만 유저들은 어떤 건물을 세워야 할지 몰랐고, 무작정 여러 건물(ERC-20 토큰)을 지어보기 시작했습니다. 실험적인 건물들은 그다지 유용하지 못했고, 유용한 건물들이 세워져서 빈 땅이 채워지려면 상당한 시간이 걸릴 것으로 예상했습니다.

Hi. This is On-Demand layer 2 platform ‘Tokamak Network’

Talken’ participated as a new staking operator for the Tokamak Network. It is a community-based one-stop service platform that enables information acquisition, storage, and simple exchange of various Crypto assets.

About Talken

Talken is the first incentivized community for token holders, accumulating impor …

Hi. This is Tokamak Network, On-Demand Layer 2 platform.

We have signed a partnership with KDAC (Korea Digital Asset Trust). KDAC is a digital asset custodial company that has been established by blockchain expert companies such as Kobit, Blocko, and Fair Square Lab. It also successfully closed a strategic investment from Shinhan Bank.

What is KDAC?

Hello, this is Tokamak Network.

In celebration of Bounce Finance’s Tokamak Network Layer 2 onboarding, we are launching an airdrop of Bounce Finance tokens to TON holders at the time of the snapshot!

As Bounce Finance proceeds to swap tokens from BOT to AUCTION, the airdrop will proceed as AUCTION tokens.

1) Bounce Finance Token Airdrop Event

Snapsh …


Tokamak Network supported by ONTHER

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