28 super interesting things that have happened in 2016

I’m a big time Dallas Cowboys fan (mostly because it is the greatest football team in the history of the sport, objectively). But after seeing that one of the team’s defensive ends won NFC defensive player of the week last week, and that the team is 5–1 in general after being Romo-less, I wanted to look back at some of the other crazy stuff that’s happened in 2016.

Obviously more stuff has gone down, and I definitely don’t mean to takeaway from the importance of something that’s not on this list (however, I did spend a solid, heartfelt 11 minutes of research putting this together). But here’s what I’ve got:

(these are in no order, especially not of importance or chronology)

  1. Donald Trump… just.. yeah
  2. Creepy clowns are currently everywhere and no one is safe
  3. Pokemon Go is a thing
  4. Kevin Durant broke the collective heart of OKC by going to the Warriors
  5. Leo Dicaprio won an Oscar (!!!)
  6. The world’s longest ruling monarch died (Thailand)
  7. A commercial flight from the U.S. flew to cuba for the first time in 50 years. And a U.S. president visited for the first time since 1928
  8. The largest refugee crisis since WW2 is happening
  9. The Panama Papers about the dealings of Mossack Fonseca were released, which was the largest data leak ever
  10. Harambe
  11. Harambe memes
  12. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton became an instant classic
  13. OKC blew a 3–1 lead in the NBA’s Western Conference Finals
  14. Golden State blew a 3–1 lead in the NBA Finals
  15. The U.K. decided to leave the European Union in the “Brexit” referendum
  16. There was an attempted military coup in Turkey
  17. Michael Phelps & Simone Biles won everything in Rio
  18. Nobody wanted to go to Rio in the first place
  19. Mark Zuckerberg donated $3 billion in a pledge to cure/manage all diseases by the end of the century
  20. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature
  21. Hoverboards
  22. Hoverboards exploded
  23. Galaxy Note 7
  24. Galaxy Note 7s exploded
  25. Frank Ocean finally released his album
  26. A Space X rocket successfully took something to space and then landed back on Earth, becoming the first rocket to ever do so
  27. Flint, Michigan water crisis
  28. El Chapo is living a real-life Netflix Original Series

Surely more things have happened. And surely more things will happen. It’s only October 19. But it has been a long year. My goodness.