Babas in the Himalayas: Thoughts on Leaving

By Ilya Katrinnada

Day 108. I keep saying this, but how time flies. Tomorrow will be our last day in Mussoorie. The day after, we’ll be taking the long 8-hour bus ride back to the plains in Delhi where most of us will be spending a day before we fly off to wherever we’re supposed to be. My emotions are currently overwhelming me when I think about going back. I’m always at a loss and disorientation when I’m in a liminal space, but this time, it is an extreme form of bittersweetness that I feel. On the one hand, I think we’ve been here long enough to have experienced all that we did and maybe it is time to go and get on with life. But on the other hand, how do I even explain how much I love being here? It’s not the most comfortable place I’ve found myself in, but only God knows how much I enjoy being so close to nature and how I’ve grown fond of my newfound friends here. I don’t quite have the time to carry on with this post, and neither do I want to, because I’m still in the midst of writing an essay.

So till then, may I learn to grow comfortable with discomfort one day :)

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