History Is

by Megan Hollenbeck

On the Wall
Feb 23, 2016 · 3 min read

“History Is” is an event showcasing Chattanooga’s resistance to white supremacy.

“There is a treasure trove of significance that isn’t talked about.”- Michael Gilliland

Chattanooga Organized for Action, in collaboration with UTC Graphic Design students, worked to create the first series of posters showcasing Chattanooga’s unique approach to resisting white supremacy. The People’s History of Chattanooga is a new COA initiative to unearth the stories of the radical accomplishments of Chattanoogans.

“The content is so obviously relevant to the city’s current problems.”

“Graphic design is a field that shapes communication. When it comes to understanding ourselves, and each other, when it comes to reading a history, or celebrating an idea you need a visual voice behind it to make it compelling, to make people pay attention.” — Aggie Toppins

History Is

“History Is ” is a free, public event at the Apothecary Gallery on McCallie Avenue from 6–8 pm. Members from COA will be in attendance, as well as Aggie Toppins and the students who created the posters. All are encouraged to come. COA hopes to expand upon the project this year by encouraging Chattanooga’s artists to choose a narrative and create a poster. We are also looking for assistance in uncovering these stories.

Visit The People’s History of Chattanooga.

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