Roofs: Maximising the life of a roof

Inspecting your own roof is a very important to maximise the life of a roof, the following tips will help you if you do not want to climb onto your slate roof or tile roof, as it can be done from within your loft area! DS-Roofing will share this handy guide with you.

Insulating properly will save money on your energy bill , therefore it is a top priority to ensure that there is good coverage throughout the loft. If there is any missing or that has been damaged, look at replacing them so that your insulation is working at it’s best.

From inside a loft you will hear the outside world clearly, this is from the air vents in the roof that allow for good airflow. Keep these free from leafs or anything else that may block air flow under your roof.

If there are any signs of mould, bowing or cracks in the wood, you may need to consult a contractor such as DS-Roofing, or you may be able to repair it yourself, by either adding more support to beams if there is strain or sealing off any air leaks there might be coming from the house (check the roofing above the bathroom for example).

To carry out these checks you will need a torch, and some protective gear like gloves and kneepads. If you suspect mould has begun to grow, you should wear a face mask before climbing up. If it looks like you need a professional roofer, then DS-Roofing provides a free estimate so you know what needs to be repaired and how much it will cost. Call or contact DS-Roofing today.