Dear Miss

Via Hulkshare

I’ve been attentive to your posts recently, straddling between a keen attention on political issues, my darling Arsenal, and a regular check on what’s been on your mind.

Those shoes and shorts from your Black Friday order on Konga didn’t fit, afterall; it was a bit funny to see you tweet your frustration about it. Still, you looked good in your friend’s bridal showers pictures, nevertheless.

Never mind my not often liking or commenting directly. It has less to do with shyness than my opinions getting lost in a sea of the usual thousands who seek your daily attention. And who wouldn’t?

Sorry to bother you at 9pm, guess you’re about to have dinner and go to bed. But if you could spare me a good chat’s duration, I’d like to make some quick observations. I’d have liked to do a spoken word piece, but since this is just me sliding into your DM, let’s do a bit of poetry. No, it won’t be about love or about you being my crush — let’s just talk about trust.

Forgive my use of the ‘L’ word already, I guess we’re only just getting along.

So about trust, what do you say it is? Say it does involve two persons sowing a seed? Does it demand anything about self-giving, like giving myself to you and you doing same too?

Trust could be a bond, but it also means one of us could get burned? It does have some cost, and yea, if taken for granted, can it rust? But then, I think it is the risk we all have to take, at least once in our lives.

Permit me to use that ‘L’ word just once ‘cos I’d like to think that to trust is to love and to love is to trust. Ok, now I’ve used it twice; hope if you punish, it won’t be too heavy a price.

For those who trust towards same truth, they wouldn’t get burned, would they? They’d rather ‘born’ something beautiful. Should they get burned, even, it would be to kindle that fire that brightens everything around them. Purifying their paths, Modifying their mistakes, Defying their detractors.

Hey, I didn’t intend for this to be long, Dear Miss. Afterall, it is just a DM. To be honest, this has been long in coming; just been kinda scared what your reaction would be to it, and if it wouldn’t ruin the other ordinary and good things involving us which are already working pretty well, proceeding even to sequels.

I’ve been following clues from your timeline, waiting for the right time. I wouldn’t say I’ve been stalking, but it would be nice if we were talking…

…and maybe someday, down an aisle, we could find ourselves, walking.

Damn, apologies, my thoughts have strayed. It’s nearly ten, goodnight, time to pray.

Inspired by you know who and who. HML to the Wellingtons