Oh boy! Time to farm.

If the newly released Q3 GDP figures are anything to go by, there is actually reason to smile when someone says Nigeria will beat this recession.

Not because OPEC is trying to broker a deal that will get oil prices off its knees soon. Not because most aspects of the mining sector seemed to get it right in the last three months. Definitely not because more money (somehow) got to flow through the banks.

It is because we are all probably going to go back to the farm.

Yea, that’s it. Hunger may be the most uniting factor in these dire times of Change but the Agriculture sector has done us proud, again. Nigerians have had it rammed into them on the rate of an annoying repetitive TV commercial that a de-focus from the oil sector is necessary but the option of shifting dream job goals from Shell to a plot of land in Sagamu hasn’t proved particularly attractive.

Right now, that is what we all must do. And the good news is that you may not have to actually ever touch a hoe or pull any stump of weed off your ridges.

Farmcrowdy.com, an agric-tech startup is going to make you gain from the food market simply from the comfort of whatever e-gadget you use. This is not a paid commercial so I am under no obligation to reel out the details. Go see for yourself.

With climate smart agriculture big on the global agenda, it won’t be long before farmers and agropreneurs become very selective with the offers they consider. By the first quarter of 2017, the government plans to issue NGN 78bn in Green Bonds; that money may be coming to a community close to you but you’ve got to have started something.

Recession is usually a time to think and plan to act. Someone did say that success comes to those who are ready to take on opportunities when they come.

You have been briefed.