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(Everything is my opinion)

Nowadays, I am having time with Intel’s latest Deep Learning Inference library OpenVINO toolkit, which is a deep learning inference library to get performance boost for your production ready AI enabled applications.

If you are into developing AI/Deep Learning models and use them into your software, especially on computer vision domain, OpenVINO can solve some of your performance, power problems with optimised libraries with MKLDNN, CLDNN.

Main structure of an AI enabled application: you start with a Deep Learning model which has been trained for a certain purpose; face detection, object recognition, line detection, pedestrian detection etc. and call model to make predictions in your application. …

Yet another logger class for C++. I find it easy to use my own and extend it as required.

I tend to develop PoC applications with different requirements on different code bases. Like all demos and proof of concept application, they all need to prove themselves in all different aspects that they are worthy of investment and go as a fully backed project by company. Best thing to prove its worthy is to gather as much as information as possible for analysis during run-time.

My latest PoC’s are being developed with C++ and I wanted to write a very basic skeleton of Logger to reuse and extend for different projects. …

I want to utilize Visual Studio more and more, because there is no CLion community edition yet.

I have collected some good hardware and made a desktop PC, but I don’t like dual boot so I stick on Windows 10 only environment but I need to use Linux build tools time to time so I wanted to create a tutorial which I can use later on to setup my development environment easily with Visual Studio and Linux Build server when needed.

First, I have downloaded Visual Studio Community edition from below URL:

Then, I installed required tools as well as Linux C++ development toolset for Visual Studio. Linux Development with C++ module should be downloaded and installed. …

Onur Dündar

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