We’ve all had that feeling of excitement when people starting to “like” our first posts on Facebook or Instagram. But its more than just a feature. The entire business model of Web 2.0 companies is highly manipulative and addictive. That is a dangerous drug, especially for our kids.

Companies have exploited the fact that our brain releases dopamine and we have that feeling of instant gratification. That is the sad truth of Web 2.0, companies which monetize our data based on manipulation.

Why Web 3.0 is different

The new web is based on protocols that are architecturally decentralized. There is still a logically centralized data layer. Nobody owns your data. The data lives in the protocol and there can me many apps that utilize that data, also called decentralized apps or dapps. …

Last year many new participants entered the space of distributed ledger technology.

While its a very young and complex space the initial financial incentives often lead to real interest in the protocols that are being built. In the search for a systematic approach on how to asses crypto-assets I stumbled upon the “Guidance on the use of Distributed Ledger Technology and the acceptance of Virtual Currencies” issued from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). …

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Don’t let your schedule dictate your life, let your life and goals dictate your schedule. Spend more time on the things that matter and stop wasting time, start to eliminate things and focus.

Two months ago my wife told me that I was going to become a father for the second time. The first experience was already incredible, intense and changed my life forever. And now a second child, wow! Yeah, sleepless nights, changing diapers — it’ll be nice. But wait, my wife and I usually were a good team rotating with the first kid and now there’s gonna be two? Especially after the responsibilities in my life became bigger, I felt like I needed a new way to organize my life.

One aspect that changed the most is the allocation of my time. Parents will know — We spend a major amount of time with our families and we want to. And yet, it’s not only parents who want to save time. We order our goods online to save time, we order an Uber to save time — you know what I’m talking about. …

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Bring on the machines to your life!

ATP What?

Time is money and more importantly time is the biggest asset of our era. We love everything that saves us time, so we can spend it pursuing activities that we love.

One challenge we took on this year was to automate as many repetitive tasks as possible. An example is a Weekly Report Email. When your work requires you to send weekly reports, that’s the perfect use-case for a task that can and should be automatized. An arbitrary rule of thumb we have is that every task that you’ll do more than three times per month should be automatized.

How? Automatization doesn’t always require you to write code and yet it definitely helps. Here is an example we’ve put together in Zapier. …


Onur Akpolat

Strategy @oscoin

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