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Anthony Xie

Great project, have been thinking about this a lot. Things I’d be interested in:

Rebalancing techniques:
* Price weighted
* Cap. weighted
* 5y diluted cap weighted

* Daily
* Weekly
* Monthly

* Custom coin selection

A few questions:

  • What happens if my amount of a certain coin changes within the rebalancing period? Will it automatically be considered or only the initial amount?
  • The other way: What happens if I withdraw assets in between?
  • How do you time the orders when potentially 10s or hundreds of users trade in a shallow market without great depth?
  • Are you doing Limit or Market orders?

I’ve seen you’re offering a Binance ref-link. I’d be willing to create a new Binance account with that ref. link in exchange to not pay the $10. Just as an idea, I’m also willing to pay $10 of course.

Also I’d like to see a blogpost in a few weeks if the $10 where worth it starting with $200 on Binance when you deduct them from profits.