Airbnb: seeding trust through web
Duygu Özbağcı

Airbnb is a great example of how the web can be used to promote sharing the resources people have, without being a commercial company. Of course, trust is the most important thing in Airbnb, and the founders of the website are also aware of this. I think just because of that, it achieved its success. As a user of Airbnb, i can give an example of how sharing is superior to just staying at hotels. For a recent trip to abroad, i booked an apartment flat from Airbnb, and the host was staying somewhere else so i had all the flat to mine. Even so, the host drove me from the airport to the house, gave me the keys, gave suggestions about what to do in the city, gave me a mobile phone with local gsm so i can use it in the city, and the fridge had lots of food and drink. And the great thing is, all were free! I don’t think any hotel can achieve that and this shows if there is a trust between people, they can achieve a lot more than the commercial companies can do.

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