Hello world,

Medium is new Blogger.com, Blogspot.com, Tumblr.com, Wordpress.com or tons of other blogging websites. This is my first post on Medium.com and I will tell something that you may probably knew.

What’s the difference of Medium?

Who can write on Medium?

Who may read your posts on Medium?
Hundreds, thausands or millions (if you are good enough or well promoted)…

What’s the difference between my personal blog and Medium?
Technology. Your blog is probably on a shared hosting and it’s not optimised to receive huge traffic. Also, your content and context is not very much important for rest of the world. (Otherwise, you won’t worry about the platform, just write)

Also, this post most likely to be the very first step for writing on Medium but it should not be followed by the other posts :) If so, please visit my website https://onurgozupek.com/

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