The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

i agree with some of it and i’m also undecided about switching my ecosystem to google these days. though from a design and interface point of view, apple is way more ahead in the game. in small details it feels natural, and it’s cognitively better. yes, with material design and everything google evolved lately yet on an android phone I still feel like windows 98. currently i have a hybrid system of mainly apple and some google services;

apple: most of my stuff is in apple’s ecosystem, except for my email. i have a macbook pro, an iphone and an apple tv. no ipad, no apple watch (i don’t need them). i daily use mac os x, ios, safari, apple mail app (with google account), notes, reminders, calendar, address book, pages, numbers, apple tv, itunes, icloud music library, apple music, icloud photo library. all my digital photo archive (dating back to 2004) are on icloud photo library and easily accesible from my phone and integrated to it natively. all my digital music archive (with some very rare stuff that are not available on any streaming platform) are on icloud music library. all the tv shows and movies are on itunes (legally or illegally ^-^). everything works seamlessly without any extra effort. like apple’s old motto: it just works. i only pay $3 or $4 monthly for 200GB icloud.

google: i’m on google apps for work with my custom domain emails. obviously google search is not optional, i use it all the time. safari is my default browser though i also use chrome daily for development purposes. oh and, google maps beats apple maps, so that’s another google service i use daily.

about switching to google: mainly i want it because all the other stuff (chrome, calendar, keep, now etc.) are so integrated with gmail and gmail is my main email account. i don’t think i’ll ever switch to an android phone, i don’t like the idea of being able to customize your interface that much, will be using the google apps on ios. and i don’t think i will migrate all my photos to google because of privacy concerns. so in the end, i will end up with another version of a hybrid ecosystem, maybe even more complex.

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