Adrian Storm
Aug 23 · 1 min read


“ It seems all you need right now to become an UXer is a weekend course, just learn your 5-step design process and five methods like personas, customer journeys and canvases, and you are ready to go (and evangelize design thinking). But to be a Product Designer you need an actual experience of delivering digital products to the market. Which is hard, often chaotic, complex process. Product Design is like free jazz. It may sound chaotic and noisy, a bit like punk, but to play it you need a lot of skills and experience, solid grasps of music theory, but also an ability to improvise, to bend the rules or even go against them. Not to mention you need to be a master of teamwork with your band.”

While I agree with what you’re saying here I still choose to call myself an experience designer because that’s what I’m doing right now. I am designing experiences for people rather than a product. I have projects where I’m a product designer and projects where I’m a UI designer and projects where I’m an experience designer.

I think we need a name that’s more specific for the kind of work we’re doing.
If we’re doing them all: Full Stack Designer?

Adrian Storm

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Experience Designer at heart. Senior UX at IBM. All opinions are my own.

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