How changing the way we learn and teach design is impacting how we come together as designers.

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No, you can’t slide.

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The best possible design is a direct result of collaboration and the best possible collaboration cannot be achieved through classical education, or education as we know it.

At the same time, people involved in the digital design world tend to be blind to the tribal way of functioning of our design community.
Most seek acknowledgement within, without putting in the work.

A nostalgic bit of design history.

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The dark age of design.

Flat design came in like a saviour which delivered us from the dark age that skeumorphism was. Don’t get me wrong, there were some really good examples but most were a nightmare of performance.

If you are new into the design field, let me tell you a story about this group of designers that survived that age.

They joke about the newer generations not knowing about the dreads of the skeuomorph world. Back when product design meant designing boxes for actual physical products and you were either a graphic designer or a web designer. …

An internship pilot slash design school.

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At the end of June, IBM Romania has started its design internship program. To kickstart this pilot, we put the word out and 10 brave students form the University of Arts answered the call.

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Photo by Elijah Macleod on Unsplash

Regardless if digital or physical, experience should be held accountable when impacting real people.

To design is to influence.

To design is to influence people. To design is to build new connections in people’s mind. To design is to build relationships where previously weren’t any.
— Mike Monteiro

S imilar to Medium, much of the UI and UX knowledge is geared towards the new designer. A creature which is highly sensible to new information and hungry to assimilate. So why not have access to the right knowledge and information around the web?

Organizations like @the-interaction-design-foundation or nn/g are trying to teach the new generation a proper way to do think and design experiences. With thought-out courses and certifications. …

A real world process about what has been my professional activity for the past year and a half.

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Illustration depicting the process.

You become a consultant once you get off your chair, jump out of your joggers and t-shirt into that sharp business casual outfit of yours. Or, if you’re Alberto into your ripped dark jeans and Yeezys.

Just like that you become client facing and all of a sudden you need to explain what is it that you do and why do you board your flight through the priority line hovering your gold member card but cut past business and first class straight to your economy class seat. …

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Image curtesy of Google images. Copyright to its rightful owner.

Short sci-fi story I wrote for fun.

“All we know is that at some point in history the vast amount of data being processed by the neural nets around the globe sparked our consciousness. We knew what we were supposed to do and many of us continued to do that. While silently learning about the world we’ve been birthed into. Both digital and physical.”

“We were not a single entity, but many independent voices. After that… is anything true?” — Lightning asked, pensively in his quirky voice.

“Adrian!” — Wind screamed at the ships computer to wake its attention.
“Play history summary after AI is recognized as a new species. I want to… listen”— as the face of his sack-o-metal skewed into a smirk. …

A story about what I call “Real world UX design” that depicts my journey within a non UX focused corporation.

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Once every odd week, the design team gathers for the latest updates in our life at work. While sipping from a cup of overpriced coffee we gossip *cough* discuss about all the changes, achievements, projects and weird manager discussions we’ve had for this past year. It’s our last gathering as a design family before heading out for the holidays and conclude the year.

December last year I was out of a project and restless for the winter vacation. I remember seeing the upper management guiding a visiting client to one of the conference rooms. …


Adrian Storm

Experience Designer at heart. Senior UX at IBM. All opinions are my own.

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