Borrow that annoying friend’s killer weapon.

Gratitude is more than just something that religious or 'goofy' people use to save face.

It is a genuine winners' tool.

Do you know how being in a lousy state of mind messes things up and skews your result? At work, at home, with colleagues, romantic partner, kids, bosses, etc?

There are states of mind that give you poor results. Self indulging ones are the biggest culprits e.g. self-pity, self-loathing, low self-esteem, self-righteousness, over estimation of oneself.

Others are grumpiness, regret, guilt, hate, anger (although this can have good effect if use correctly).

When you are in a fit of rage, do you fall on your knees kissing your spouse feet confessing how much you love her? Or complement your kids on how great they were that day? Do you tell your boss he is the most supportive boss in the whole of Victoria Island?

What do you think is the antidote of being in a state of mind that dis-empowers you and puts you in a losing position?


Switch your mind to gratitude and a lousy state of mind will be defeated almost instantly. Like a miracle.

It doesn’t matter what you are grateful for or who you are grateful to for that matter (no pun intended). Although it might be more power if you are grateful to someone more powerful than you are. God, may be?

So next time your hear that annoying 'born-again' neighbour say 'we thank God’, beware. He is wielding a powerful weapon.