Things I’ve loved this quarter

Crazy I know, but the year is a quarter gone.

In the next 4 to 6 weeks, in each office, we’ll have our company meetings and catch on what we’ve all been up to, and how we’re doing.

The headline: we doing ok. Hitting our targets, making progress on most things, putting good work in the world. Again, more in our meetings.

It’s not all been smooth sailing (some beloved friends leaving) and the quarter ahead has it’s challenges (Jan’s well-deserved sabbatical; finding the right people to join) but we in a decent place

For now though, and in 140 characters or less each, here are some of things that have made me smile since January (some are cryptic, so you’ll have to ask someone, which is partially the point):

The Women’s March
Mel and the gang start a Riot
The great returns: Amy Lee, Sarah Morris and Jemma Eliot
The great migration: Zami in SF, Ada in NY, Chris Walker in London
Hands Up in NY
Re-inventing a giant in SF
Exit West; a great writer at the hight of his game
“Healthy” wow snacks in London (so grateful Mimi takes artistic license with the word “healthy”)
Andy Dobson clocks up more air-miles than Charles Wright (I’ve asked; Andy enjoys this and Charles certainly isn’t complaining)
Pitch week magic in NY last week (Tom’s new haircut was the cherry on that cake)
Cross-atlantic tech-builds
Sian’s “That’s what WO said” emails in London
The Living Room in NY
Helen J, Tom W and Rich H
Stevo hires every talented designer in London (at least it seems that way)
Babies and more babies

I’d love it if you’d share your own headlines, either as a comment here (watch the confidentiality) or just an email.

Have a great week.

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