Princeton, New Jersey — The Princeton University Department of Sociology was pleased to announce that U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte will join its faculty this September to teach classes focusing on white privilege.
Ryan Lochte to Teach Sociology Classes on White Privilege at Princeton This Fall
Manny Brown

Sounds like more white privilege, to me. He gets a job? At Princeton?! You mean he doesn’t get permanently condemned by the country that loves to stand for law and order until it sees a pretty chair? Really? That’s America for you. This is not surprising at all. Don’t put it past white people to try to pull something like this it get away with it. Obviously, Ryan Lochte thinks taking this job can help his image, this is not about him becoming an ally, nor is it about educating young white people about the privilege they have obliviously enjoyed their entire lives. Like everything else in America, it’s about money.

Princeton is going to make money from this. Lochte is going to make money from this. More white dollars.

There has been no dramatic change in the thinking of white people as a result of this “scandal”. There simply hasn’t. Sure, people say they are “having an open mind”, a statement that is as full of air as the head of the person who said, “I look forward to taking his class . . . I bet he’ll curse in class too which will be cool.” I’m getting a little heated thinking about the whole think, because this is just too much. He real-live gets a job at freaking Princeton for peeing on a wall and ripping down a poster and then lying about it. The gag is: I never believed him.

It was a fufu story from day 1; if a black man had tried to pull that, the words would be halfway out his mouth and the whole United States would already be rapping him up. But there it is, what if it was a black man?

It wouldn’t have been. The whole ordeal is coated in a thick, healthy layer of white privilege to begin with. Think about it. Four white guys go out to party in a place foreign to them. A place where the people don’t look like them. White people in a place where Latinos and black people and mixed race people (I’m not really sure what race to consider Brazilians since race is an American thing). They make some “regrettable decision[s]” and here we are.(See where I’m going with this?) Now, let’s reverse it. No black person would cook up such a stupid story, using words like “regrettable decision” and “over-exaggerate” to justify such idiocy. In fact, if black a black person “messed up” like Lochte in a place where the people don’t look like them, they’d die. Point blank, period. A DeAndre or an Emeka wouldn’t even live long enough to concoct a tale like Lochte’s.

Ryan Lochte is privileged enough to get paid to rap about something he might not even believe (only God knows what he really believes) to affluent Ivy League kids. Of course Speedo and Ralph Lauren dropped him. That is simply to make it seem like they don’t condone such behavior when, in actuality, the individuals within those brands can believe whatever they want. It’s about not being outwardly and openly connected to someone that is not marketable, someone that won’t make them money. He is a social liabilty. Why do you think athletes are tentative to speak up one way or another, Lebron James included? They have to keep their sponsors happy, or it could all be over.

So for those people that are out there saying that you didn’t believe his story because he’s white, you just thought he was telling the truth, or whatever it is you’re saying, you’re wrong. Because guess what, escaping with his life is an enormous result of white privilege (not that Brazilian police officers are as wild as some of the ones in this country), and he gets a job out of it, too.

So I hope he enjoys talking about all the “awesome shit” he’s done, while black bodies sit in the street for four hours, like a pile of it. Thanks, but no thanks, Ryan; we don’t need a white savior.

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