The above caption might sound untrue to some but this is not a fictitious tale.Its the happenings in the world.One might question how possible it is based on the fact that an eight year old boy is still a child.

Analysing this further,what will his duty as a father be,can he impregnate a girl (yes he can)at least, society expects him to since its one of the duties of a husband.Where will he work?who will employ an 8year old?(child labour)how much will he need to make on daily basis to sustain his familly?is he psychologically,mentally,emotionally and not to mention physically ready for all these responsiblities at such age?well,now you are thinking about it,you will realise it dosent make sense or maybe my thoughts are totally off.
If my guess is as good as yours then you must agree that society dosent allow such practices.I hate to burst your bubbles on this one because society has embraced this culture.

Hold unto that thought,replace that boy with a girl child of the same age.What makes her ready for wifely responsibilities.
At the age she is meant to be playing under the rain,she is made to bath a baby she almost lost her life while birthing.Left to battle with obsterie fistulae,cervical cancer,infection etc its more like getting a death sentence from people that ought to carter for you.(now i understand how ceaser must have felt being stabbed by brutus). 
Child marriage violates girls’ rights to health, education and opportunity. It exposes girls to violence throughout their lives, and traps them in a cycle of poverty,it is a form of inequality if not,why does 8year old boys not get married off to someone old enough to be their grandmother.

Article 475 before it was amended in 2014 in morocean penal code, was a law that allowed rapists to avoid their punishment if they marry their underage victims. An eight year old bride sounds pretty forceful,therefore, early child marriage is rape.
 She is an innocent child ,dont turn her into a bride and deprive her the joy of growing up and missing out on childhood.