The Little things that Matter…

I’m making up for lost time. For the times I let me get in the way. The times I failed on me.

So this is an apology to you, from me.

Sorry for the times I let you down on my word.

Sorry for the calls I didn’t return. Days past, then into weeks and months. I let procrastination do this to me.

Then finally, I came out of my shell, and pride. I called, but I had hurt you too deep for you to pick up.

We used to speak till late at Night, till our ears hurt from the pleasant nothings we said to each other.

Life has taught me to hold the people that Matter closest, cherish them like a fat kid loves cake.

So I’ll do just that.

Putting this down makes me weak, and I just can’t.

So here I am, with my mind renewed and my head strong.

What do you say?