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If we could switch Branch Banking OFF how many of us would do it?

We’ve all opted out of mail statements, when can we do the same for having to visit the Branches? Ok, so for starters just let me visit the e-Branches on the odd chance I get a cheque or a wad of cash I need somehow to deposit. If i need cash, i’ll use the ATM, if I need ALOT of cash… its probably illegal (Paying part of the rent in cash so the landlord can avoid paying taxes)...I’m the idiot.

Its not that I don’t like going to a branch and facing a real person it’s just that I don’t have the time to do so. …

After watching F8, i’ve been thinking how bots will affect our lives and how we have real connections with people, or how we will even develope AI bot versions of ourselves. Will we really connect to people? or will online ai bot versions of ourselves just connect to each other and feed us the “feed”. What will our jobs be like in 15 years..?

In the design industry we always say that the interface has to be seamless, transparent, guide and engage the user, solve their problems, get things done quickly with no pain.

Over the last 3–4 years I’ve been doing alot of thinking about Banks and how we interact with them and have become a FinTech enthusiast and take a great interest in it all. …

Anthony Kyriazis

Director of Creative Services @TribalDDBAthens , Dad of Alex & Leo, Creative, Design, Digital, UI, UX, Fintech, Banking,

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