Chatting with my Banks messenger Bot.

After watching F8, i’ve been thinking how bots will affect our lives and how we have real connections with people, or how we will even develope AI bot versions of ourselves. Will we really connect to people? or will online ai bot versions of ourselves just connect to each other and feed us the “feed”. What will our jobs be like in 15 years..?

In the design industry we always say that the interface has to be seamless, transparent, guide and engage the user, solve their problems, get things done quickly with no pain.

Over the last 3–4 years I’ve been doing alot of thinking about Banks and how we interact with them and have become a FinTech enthusiast and take a great interest in it all.

So this morning i just jotted down this quick chat I imagined with my bank.

Bot Chat with the Bank

Me: How am I doing?

B: You can spend 150 today. Weekend spending budget will 250.

Me: How much do I have now?

B: 1250 in current accounts and 2300 available credit on cards.

Me: Send Mum 100 for shopping.

B: Done:

Me: Supermarket Budget?

B: You’ve spent 230 at the supermarket already this week. Suggest next shop is arround 80.

B: U spent 125 at the supermarket, gained 250 bonus points, Weekend budget is now 225.

B: Next supermarket shop will have 50 euro discount if u use 5000 bonus points.

Me: Pay cards off over the next 6 months.

B: Ok, Will take 256 off your monthly budget.

Me: Add Toyo Proxies R888R tyres to my wish list.

B: For which car?

Me: Alexias

B: ok found them in these sizes, 195/55 R15 + 225/45 ZR16. Will cost 585.

B: You can get them in 20 days based on your budget settings.

Me: I need them tomorrow

B: Pay by card in 3 interest free installments. Daily budget now 80. Weekend budget now 185.

Will we even have to talk to banks? or worry about how to earn money and aford things? Will our banks automatically tell us what we have to do to earn enough for our daily life style? Will AI know how to exploit our personal creative skillsets or what ever in order to create an income for us?

After publishing this article i have found and been notified of the following services:
which kinda already provide what i described above.

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