True Focus

What is true focus?

Concentration…some even call it prayer.

It is a real living power.

It is pure thinking.

It is the song that enables our soul to blossom and release magic. It is an alchemical force by which we can transmute our basic selves into the GOLD of our higher natures.

Thinking and talking with a pure heart and motive, is the “energy” called LOVE in its highest octaves. It is within us and is limitless in potential unlocking radiant inner power and strength.

With our true concentration on ONE thing at a time we can consciously use the universal life forces that flow freely through the universe to bring so called miracles into our lives and to the world around us. We can and WILL preserve nature, stop wars, transform, transmute, INSPIRE and UPLIFT.

There are no limits to what can be accomplished. We can unite the world, this sea of pulsating interconnected energies thinking with the depth of compassion and with the focus of OUR concentrated will.

It is the Divine Spark within and throughout all LIFE

Talking and walking in the solar system.

Food for Thought



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