UX Analysis and Responsive Redesign
Renee Lin

I hate to say this, but your approach is really shaped from a designer point of view. I don’t see any improvement on the interaction design, neither microinteractions that will improve the discion process. The overall UX isn’t improved. You just cut al the nonsense away that feels useless to us, but didn’t think about the conversion rate and business objectives. Also, from a business point of view I don’t see any added value for their partners & advertisers. It’s nice to make a clean picture, but this doesn’t serve a bill. dollar company. They will have a huge revenue lost with this approach.

With that said, you do have a good feel for UI design. But to be honest, this could have been any booking site, since you’re also not following their corporate styleguide. Just giving my raw feedback, but you should be proud on this analysis and how you exmplained your process. Well done.

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