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I wrote a post last week which entails some of the Hooks we must have heard about. How about checking out some other hooks?

Before I continue, it’s not a necessity to make use of Hooks. You could use the class-based approach if you’re more comfortable with that. Even Dan Abramov, a top contributor to React still said he would use JavaScript classes in some cases.

Let’s get Started

I briefly wrote about the useReducer in the last post which was more like JavaScript array method(Reduce), and not what we might exactly be expecting.

Don’t sweat it, that’s how redux work anyways! It’s more like the reduce method but can do more than just passing a direct value to it. …

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React Hooks officially got released a few days ago, and I would love to share some code snippets on how it’s been used. We’ll basically be diving into some of the hooks, and maybe a second part to discuss the others.

Hooks are a new addition in React 16.8. They let you use state and other React features without writing a class. — React Docs

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TLDR; The purpose of this article is to give a brief report on what studying computer science in this part of the world (Nigeria) taught me, and other school-related activities.

What did school teach me?


That was a big joke. Although, I didn’t get any better with school academically because I learnt to program even before I got into school. I was always a few steps ahead of them at school. I learnt Python before I got into school, only to go there to be taught QBASIC, and Fortran. I had heard of QBASIC, but not Fortran. We were taught (more like reading from a textbook and writing code on the whiteboard) in school. …

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TLDR; It’s all about me, and might not seem interesting to you as I’m not a great guy yet. I’m just someone who just feels like sharing how I got into coding— steps I took, jobs I got and turned down, contributions I made to the community, and how I think the future would be like for me.

It’s so strange to think that I got into coding because I was bored. Yes, that’s right! “I started coding out of boredom”. I’m 22 years old now. It all started from when I was 14 years old. Yeah, 8 years ago right? …

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TLDR; As we all know, Technology is taking over so many things, so many jobs. It might come as a surprise to us because we are in Nigeria, a country that is way back in technology and no technical orientation. I’m a final year student of Computer Science and I’m not really proud of having schooled in Nigeria. We had a “School of Technology” day on the 7th of November 2018 at Yaba College Of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria. So, I decided to put down some of the things I observed.

The Rector (Engr. Obafemi Omokungbe), a guest speaker, the pro-chancellor of University Of Lagos (Dr. Wale Babalakin), and some other awesome personalities were present at the event. They all talked about several things but the one we all enjoyed most was Dr. Babalakin’s talk which was centered towards “Attitudinal Behaviours when employing Nigerians in our ecosystem and how the government should help fund students to become experts even before they graduate”. …

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TLDR; It’s not cool. I had no intention of quitting because I got a really good offer (flexible work hours and some other shiny stuff). I’m not really good at writing but I just feel like sharing my story with everyone here.

I could call myself a JavaScript Developer Avocado🥑. I’ve touched and worked with all bleeding edge techs except BlockChain, I guess. I spoke at Google I/O Extended with awesome folks like Ire Aderinokun and Prosper Otemuyiwa. I’m a React Community Manager for Facebook Developer Circles Lagos, in Nigeria.

Enough of me already, I know. If you still want to go on, you can check out my portfolio. …

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Account Linking (Credits:

What is Account Linking

Account linking is a great way to let users connect their existing accounts (i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, e.t.c.) to a site’s account. Let’s say we have several social accounts and we’d love to let users log in with a social account at that specific time or a time in the future, all we have to do is to link them together.

For this article, we’d only cover linking a local account to a GitHub account using passport.js.

How Passport.js Approached Authentication/Authorization with GitHub

This was stated on their README. It does the basic thing — findOrCreate a profile, nothing more.

Basic passport authentication implementation — No account…

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This was my cake in FreeCodeCamp Ikeja November’s Meetup. I was asked to talk on these:

✅ Do i look for employment?

✅ How do i get employed?

✅ How do i prepare for an interview?

✅ Must i negotiate my salary?

✅ Companies are looking for programmers everyday, is that true?

✅ What must be in my CV?

✅ Finally, Why do startups fail?

Now, let’s take these one after the other. Each question will be in its own subtitle. Some are pretty short, but let’s get started!

Do i look for employment?

I think this question is really a matter of choice. If you can take care of your expenses without any problem, you can just sit tight, keep on writing codes and grab some cups of coffee. …


Ademola Adegbuyi

Frontend Engineer at Paystack.

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