An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

What did this article add, aside from your own story that is just as self-serving and whiny as hers? (Oh my god, you worked for your job and had to give up stuff! No! The horror!) I could forgive Talia for being an ignorant twenty-something, but I can’t forgive your righteous bullshit.

Do you think this is how people learn? Do you think you’ve solved a problem here by peppering your wall of text with digs at a stupid twenty-five year old? If your intent was to set her straight, you’re damn terrible. If your intent was to be funny… girl, no. “You want to write memes? Darling, you just became one.” First of all, that’s not how memes work. I’m sure you really got her when she read the sarcasm dripping off “darling.”

This “article” is nothing more than a pissing contest wherein you trample over an entitled little girl with all your personal trials. You are part of the problem. You’re not fixing anything. You’re not educating anyone. You’re just being a dick.

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