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In my previous story of Ubuntu installing Laravel, it ended with Apache listening to all IP addresses. Now I am going to configure it to listen to one subdomain only, this way one server can be shared by multiple subdomains.

I have a domain at Cloudflare, I am going to point it to the Laravel blog I setup earlier.

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I had previously backup a copy of the 000-default.conf, rollback to the original with the commands below. I prefer to name my config file with the name of the subdomain for easy searching in future.

cd /etc/apache2/sites-available
sudo mv 000-default.conf laravel.oofnivek.com.conf
sudo mv 000-default.conf.bak 000-default.conf
sudo vim laravel.oofnivek.com.conf

Edit “ServerName” to the subdomain.

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Lastly enable the site and restart Apache.

sudo a2ensite laravel.oofnivek.com
sudo systemctl restart apache2

Browse with subdomain, you’ll see something similar to the screenshot below.

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Browse with IP address you’ll see the Apache Ubuntu default page.

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