How to navigate between Windows / Dialog Buttons Selection in Mac OS using the Tab Key

By default Mac only enable the Tab key functionality to navigate / switching between selections for text boxes and lists.

If you’d like to switch between selection buttons for pop-up windows and dialogues such as the case below, you’ll have to make a small changes in the setting.

Steps below to enable tab key functionality to switch the selections:

  1. Go to keyboard shortcut setting page by following the steps in the caption of either Image a or Image b below:
(Image a) Press command key + space to initiate Spotlight Search and type “keyboard” > press the return key.
(Image b) From apple home button at top left hand corner of your screen > System preference > Keyboard.

2. Go to Shortcuts tab in the Keyboard page.

3. select the radio button for “All controls” in the shortcut tab.

4. Done.

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