How best can one react to waking up alone in a getaway duplex? What would I do if I found myself in this situation? 
Hail detachment! This is the best gift God is going to grant you when you have so much conflict within. It is the best time to evaluate on self. Ever wondered why some people prefer getaway holidays? It is because real power and realization of self occurs at this time. 
Imagine an abandoned piano in the woods, it remains there for years till its death, which will come naturally. This is the kind of relationship or approach I would take to life at this point. There is no need for fear when you are alone because you are closer to God. You are so close to a point that you can have a one on one (a question of strong faith). This is the right time to solve your inner conflicts. Forget about everything but yourself. Search so much for your soul, purpose for life and evaluate your performance. (No one is seeing or judging you, you are alone and free)
What do you have when alone?

  1. God.
    You are closer to god when alone than when in a congregation. In the bible we learn that Jesus sought time alone and prayed to God. In this case we already know that there is a natural mystic flowing and you get to feel it when there is no interference from the environs, this time you are alone. In church, people worship but there is always time for “personal” prayers.
    I tend to believe that God lives in us, when we are silent we can hear him calling us and asking us to listen to him and serve him. This moments need no interference and more attention. God is a persona in all of us, he is the natural mystic that we can’t really define His powers, appearance and control but still, we experience him. We experience him differently and with different beliefs.
  2. Peace.
    When alone we define our boundaries, we do whatever we want freely. We are our own vision and that brings peace to the mind. Most people follow their passions when alone. This is the time you indulge best in your worst behavior. We ever heard of ladies who stay in the house naked when alone. Doing what love freely without fear of judgment is peaceful. We have seen the best art and creativity done behind closed doors.
  3. Realization.
    Yoga, meditation and realization go hand in hand in a spiritual way. But self-realization, though not spiritual, like the latter need time for self too. One needs time to really know his pros and cons, get the missing point and finally find the balance. One may rely on services of a therapist through this time but it entirely depend on self. The process begins with self and one’s attitude 
    In the process really determines the outcome.
  4. Achievement.
    This is the time to achieve for yourself. “Give all to yourself and get the best for yourself.” Look for what you really want to achieve and invest your energies towards it. You are going to achieve it unless you hate yourself.

Being abandoned!

We have heard not once of the phrase ‘blessing in disguise,’ being abandoned in another view relates to this. Most Hip hop artistes have talked of success from paternal abandonment. Most have defined life without fatherhood, a case which seemed like black lifestyle in the 80s and 90s.

Biblical joseph was sold to strangers by his brothers, imagine your own brother selling you away to get rid of you! For believers you know the end of this story. I mean when people abandon you, to me it is either you are too good to keep along or your beliefs and understanding of things don’t conquer with theirs. This situations occur in our classrooms, homes, churches and the nation at large. Do not be afraid! Being left alone could look like an abandonment but a blessing too.

In my own life I have experienced the feeling of abandonment many times. It has always been difference in beliefs and perception. I have grown on my own for years. Yes! On my own because everyone was busy. I have a long story to tell but not today.

Through this experience, all I learnt was to love life. Playlists differ from every disk jockey and so is life. Importantly is to appreciate the love of god and live the free life freely. Through my abandonment experience I tend to have achieved and lost, achieved in that I got what was missing in my life, I got the balancing point and how best to use my energy. I lost because it took me further from my family, their focus has always been the risk involved with basketball, the injuries. They will even tell you that it doesn’t pay in our country so stop it. From my experience, playing the game has given me a new family with new virtues. It has helped realize the importance of pride. Not too much pride is good but a little help boost your value. I mean in a game you don’t want to lose to everyone.

In another experience, I realized my talent in leadership and achieved an elective appointment after being left alone with no money. This looked like real betrayal from my family to me and from me to them. Yes! I did what they did not want.

I cried to the Lord. I learned more from people were always away but close. But through it all, I learned that whatever I wanted was in me, I had to let it out to the electorate.
I realized how much love was away from home.

We should get out of outer comfort and build the inside, we have heard not once that when good things are about to happen people will run away from you. There is so much biblical evidence on this. Let’s remain faithful and remember charity begins at home.