How We Can Be Certain That Mueller Won’t Prove Trump-Russia Collusion
Caitlin Johnstone

I can’t imagine Robert Mueller not dropping a house on Donald Trump. Russiagate will probably lead to a multitude of indictments and convictions but it appears doubtful to me that the special counsel will be able to prove that Trump participated in the scheme or even knew about it. Other aspects of the investigation however, will inculpate the president. There is already sufficient evidence to indict Trump on charges of obstruction of justice and abusing the powers of his office. His spontaneous admissions to Lester Holt and to Sergey Kislyak that he fired James Comey to stymie the FBI investigation alone can support a conviction (thanks to the exceptions to the hearsay rule). An investigation into his business practises will yield a bonanza of potential charges. The Trump SoHo project alone (which nearly led to fraud and grand larceny charges against Ivanka and Donald Jr.) could potentially lead to convictions amounting to decades of incarceration for the president. This isn’t fanciful thinking, there is a constellation of circumstances which suggests flagrant criminality on the part of the real estate tycoon turned politician.

For the most part I agree with your conclusion that Donald Trump is a symptom of a deeper problem, but it isn’t the problem you cite. America has abandoned reason in favour of beliefs that provide emotional satisfaction. The internet has given each individual the opportunity to choose a reality of their own and find others who share the same delusions. This is true to some extent for all Americans but the better educated Americans tend to be more resistant to jingoism, fanaticism and are less easily manipulated than those with lesser education. The problem isn’t political, it’s cultural. And as you said, the problem isn’t going away.