A New Normal

What do you do after you dedicate your heart and soul for years to an organization and then find yourself being slowly pushed out and walk in one day and your are thrown out like a piece of trash,with some lame explanation?

You are absolutely devastated, heartbroken and in shock. You cannot think straight, your head is spinning and your heart is aching. What happened? Why did they throw me out like trash after giving literally blood, sweat and tears to this organization?

Is it because you did not take a position, which was not right for you? Was it that you were so focused on serving the organization, you did not see it coming? Was it the leader of the organization was lying to the board and slowly throwing you under the bus?

How can they just throw you out like garbage with all the years that you have given and helped build the organization? You were not given a viable reason to be dismissed.

You look back and knew that you were being blamed for some things, but did not think that it would lead to getting the guillotine. Even if you had made a mistake due to your heavy work load, which you had been requesting to be less; the death penalty was not warranted.

You had never received a negative evaluation in all the years you were there. You were entrusted with access to the most sensitive information. Never had any type of disciplinary action or complaint against you. How can this be justified? How can this happen without warning or provocation? How will you find a new normal?

Now you are left without a job, you may lose your car and your house. You cannot sleep. You have lost hope. You want to lay in bed all day and cry and think, why and how did this happen? Why were they so eager to throw me out? What could have been done to differently? You fall deeper in despair and hopelessness. When will you find your new normal?

You have to dig deep within yourself to find the strength. You will find what works for you. Be thankful for your family and true friends and the advise they give you. You may have to listen to- when one door opens, he opens a widow and many more sayings. Spend time with loved ones, pray, meditate, walk, or many of other things to help you get through this time. You can make sticky notes and put them around the house, find something to occupy your time. You will eventually find your new normal. You may even find a better normal.

Be patient, but diligent and you will find where you need to be in life. It might not be where you want to stay, but you will heal and know that the people that did you wrong will get theirs and the best revenge is to move on and be happy, even though you would like to punch someone, they are not worth it. Some day you may look back and ask yourself why you stayed so long and endured so much conflict. You may never get the answers you need, so you must find a way to let it go and find your new normal….that is Ooma’s Opinion.