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Umesh Gopinath

Last November we travelled to Sydney and we stayed at a nice hip place called Newtown. We had previously visited Sydney for just 2 days and had done all the touristy things but this time we wanted to stay in the city and live like a local. We were there for a week. We mostly travelled by trains and walked around, thanks to Google Maps. Really loved the experience. These are some of the things I noted.

Double Decker trains

Introducing Recap.

We designed Newton to take the stress out of emailing. We made it distraction-free so that you can scan, find, read and write better. We made it a breeze to use the app; with intuitive UI, simple one-way navigations and familiar keyboard shortcuts. We baked in features like Read Receipts, Sender Profile, Snooze, Connected Apps, Tidy Inbox and recently True Inbox to help you with your workflows and make email management delightful.

The dreaded email workflows

Every day most of us do our best to achieve Inbox Zero or some type of GTD workflow. Some of us apply star, mark important mails as unread…

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

A tale of 2 videos

Rohit and Francesco are our in-house video makers. While Rohit makes product videos like this and this, Francesco makes instructional videos like this and this.

During the iOS calendar launch, I wanted Francesco to make a light hearted video to show how it’s better to place the cal app icon on the right side of the email app icon. I wanted it to be a chaplinesque short movie (No dialogues, only background music, exaggerated expressions, fast running etc). Francesco was travelling, so instead of shooting a video he quickly put together something using Giphy and sent me this…

People retire from work at the age of 60. Why not politicians? And there is nothing I can do about it?

I pay income tax on my hard earned salary. Why should I again pay tax when I spend my money post tax?

Instead why not abolish income tax and I only pay tax whenever I spend my money?

The 2 main election candidates in my area — one has 5 criminal cases on his name and the other has 13. Who should I vote for?

Corruption is a given. So I can’t use that a deciding factor. …

Superficially, the two seem bad together.

Last week we introduced True Inbox on Newton. Now on, when you start a new email conversation in Newton, you’ll see it right in Inbox. Thus making the Inbox the only list you have to deal with for managing your conversations.

OMG, this means more mails in Inbox for me to clear to reach Inbox Zero?

Well, what is Inbox Zero?

If your definition of Inbox Zero is simply about how you can quickly clear all mails in your Inbox, then True Inbox isn’t good for you.

Inbox Zero is a GTD workflow where my inbox becomes my task list…

True Inbox, Link back to Newton in Connected Apps

Photo by Umesh Gopinath on Unsplash

All Platforms

  1. True Inbox — When you start a new conversation, you’ll see it in Inbox. There’s no need to go to Sent folder anymore. Learn More.
  2. Open in Newton — When you add mails to Connected Apps, it will also pass a link to open the conversation back in Newton, on any device.
    E.g. when you save an email to Evernote, a link will be added as a part of the note. Clicking on that link will open the email conversation in Newton.

Mac and Windows

  1. New keyboard shortcut — When you read a mail, press I to see message details. If the last…

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It was a remnant of the past.

Long ago, email clients worked by periodically checking a mail-box on the server and downloading email using a protocol called POP. Once the mail was downloaded, it was deleted from the server and was shown in a folder called Inbox in the client. The client also had folders like Drafts, Sent, Outbox etc. so that it could save mails you wrote and sent using the client in an appropriate location. Then there were custom folders to which these mails could be moved and stored. All these folders and their contents remained in the client computer and the server had no…

We recently hit 40,000 subscribers.

It took 18 months; it was not easy.

Just wanted to tell our users that you are not alone in paying for an email app. Just like any other product you use that comes for a price. The recent FB fiasco only confirms that when you’re not paying, you’re the product.

In a sea of free email apps, we were the first to take the bold step. So, thank you for voting with your wallet. We think that is the ultimate form of approval.

Thank you for enabling us to have the creative space to work on something cool and useful, rather than breaking our heads over how to make money out of your data.

A big thank you to everyone who gave us a chance, and to everyone who made us stronger.

Looks like we are here to stay.

Photo by Mike Dorner on Unsplash

How we built a smaller solution for a seemingly big problem

Over the years, we had several users asking for a Team version of Newton. Instead of jumping into conclusions and building product features, we probed more to understand more about these teams and what they were missing. We found out that a lot of them were very small teams, mostly partners in businesses, and they just wanted a mechanism to pay for their subscription using the company credit card. Yes, many of them didn't mind some “team features” thrown in.

We knew that it was tough for someone to convince an entire team to switch their email app, and that…

Umesh Gopinath

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