Why I work for Ooooby — Pete Russell

I work for Ooooby because I believe we need to be taking more action to solve our big collective challenges, especially in regards to our current food system.

Being a father of 5 it’s hard to not think about what we’ll be leaving behind for future generations. Naturally I want them to have easy access to fresh natural food but it makes me worry when I look at the way the industrial and globalised systems have reduced food to a shadow of its former self. We’re simply paying too much in packaging, transport, storage, handling and merchandising.

We are now in a time when we need our food systems to evolve to a new model… quickly.

The good news is that we have a running start. The food system is already evolving and we are going to see over the next 10 years a full transformation of the way our food system works. It’s going to become fairer, more affordable, more accessible, healthier and tastier because people like you and I are making it happen as we speak.

This is exactly the space where Ooooby is working and I love being a part of the action.

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