I got scammed by my client. You should aware!

Got stuck and scam is increasing day by day for newbies. I’m here trying to share my story which I was stucked in and never want any writer to pass out from the same phase. It’s been of one year but still whenever a client come to me. I think the same… LOl!

Long story short. Lets have talk!

by Christian Young | Apr 8, 2021 | Phishing


The website where I got him is on Fiverr. That’s so curious that I was scammed there but but but I was. I sent no buyer request to that guy. I was working on a big project with one of my favourite client (My first client). I was going through the message that someone wants me to write from you for his website. The buyer didn’t have any previous work history by the way.

Topic of Blog:

Well, I was just told about to write on “Corona Virus”. I was like ‘Can you please tell me out more details about it, More highlights.’ While he insisted me just to write on Corona~ anything, that’s like anything. I was like:Ok.. No chance to move back because he already send out offer. Lol!

My research:

My research then started. The offer was for 2 days and countdown already began. What to do? What to do? What to do? This one revolving and pissed me off. Well, I went through many searches and got that~ Lets write on all sub-topics little bit and gives brief description~ May be working through. I find out all topics and started to write. What I got at the end was just a masterpiece guys!

Delivery Time:

It was now delivery time~ But yes I delivered in good way and even sending the thanks note too and saying that:

Hey Sir, if you want any type of changes then I’m here for you. I’ll give you unlimited revisions too. Just want good reviews from your side.

But Nahh! Not even take response from him and what I got at the end was just one star~Lol!

What’s his reviews was like:

She’s very rude and very little knowledge about the topic.

Like seriously! Umm but ok for that.

By: ANI | New Delhi |

Action of Fiverr:

Unfortunately, Fiverr restricted my Id due to 1 star and I couldn’t send out buyer request so far. It took me almost 1–2 months to get back the action. But yes! The only point you should remember while starting your work is that you’ve to check out the previous work history of the buyers~ otherwise just don’t take out that project.

Good luck for your on-going project :)



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