D.O.C to the rescue

“Calm”, “happy”, and “stress-free” is how Kent State student Anthony Partika, describes The D.O.C. program on campus. “They just make me happy.” Partika says with a smile about the organization.

The D.O.C., or the Dogs on Campus program, provides pet therapy to homesick or stressed out students that need a little emotional boost.

Dogs on Campus, created by Dr. Kathy Adamle, is the first pet therapy program on a university campus.

“As a researcher you think ‘what is this phenomenon about a dog that everybody wants to pet?’” Adamle said, “So I looked into it and brought the philosophy of pet therapy to a well population which was a college educated student.”

The therapy team, which consists of 24 handlers and 27 dogs, visits different buildings across campus including residence halls, the student center and the library.

“All of the volunteers were really nice with all of the dogs,” Kent State student Angie Cotto-Ramos said. “They were here for about an hour, and it was a very nice and happy environment.”

The D.O.C makes visits fall through spring semester and with this semester being their 12th year anniversary, their schedule filled up quickly. The fall 2016 semester ended up being completely booked by the end of September.

Their next stop is the Kent State library on December 12 and 13th starting at 3pm to touch the lives of students and dogs alike.

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