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Computecoin Partners With Crypto Legacy To Facilitate Crypto & Digital Inheritance Transfer On Web3

A conversation with Crypto Legacy’s Nitin Gaur, founding director of IBM Blockchain and Digital Asset Labs

Crypto Legacy: A Secure Channel for Digital Inheritance.

What is Crypto Legacy?

What Can You Do With Crypto Legacy?

Computecoin × Crypto Legacy

The Ecosystem Talk (Excerpt)

💡 The transcript is almost entirely in its original form, but mildly edited for punctuation and readability only, and contains some of the intriguing issues discussed during the talks.‍Speakers
Nitin Gaur: Core Contributor at Crypto Legacy
Julia Guo: Community Manager at Computecoin
Tyler: Member, Business Development Team at Computecoin
‍To listen to the Twitter Spaces, go 👉 here 👈
The trio continued to cover the possible partnerships in the future with financial institutions and the technologies used in the Crypto Legacy product. They also discussed salient controversies in Web3.0 and Nitin enlightened the community on how invariably families could transition into a Web3 Wealth Management System and what participating in Web3 should be like.‍Access the full conversation 👉 here 👈

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