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4 min readDec 30, 2022


2021 was an exciting year for Oort. Positioned as the Web3 data infrastructure, Oort’s mission to create an intuitive, secure, and scalable web3 experience for end-users has been a priority, and we are pleased to report that we started the year with a team of passionate innovators and ended it with an industry-leading decentralized data solution platform, an impressive network of partnerships, and a bright future ahead of us. With more products and a testnet on the way, we have much to celebrate as we look back at our accomplishments in 2022.

New Name, New Chapter.

In 2022, we scaled up from Computecoin to Oort.

Oort is a continuation of Computecoin that operates the same vision: to build the cornerstone of Web3. Our name, Oort, is taken from Oort Cloud, the theoretical edge of our solar system and human civilization. At Oort, we strive to challenge ourselves and others to create new values that push the boundaries of the next age of the internet.

New Products: Oort DSS & Oort DEN

As the first step to help users, businesses, and developers easily and seamlessly transport their data to Web3, Oort launched two flagship products: Oort DSS and Oort DEN.

Oort DSS | Decentralized Storage Service

Oort DSS is an all-inclusive, low-cost, secure decentralized storage with a developer-centric design.

  • Save 60% and more
  • Never lose any data
  • Zero learning curve
  • Enhanced privacy

Oort DEN | Decentralized Edge Network

Oort DEN is a decentralized edge network that enables the internet scalability of Web3 infrastructure.

  • Accelerate Web3 content delivery
  • Speed Up Web3 file indexing
  • Data analytics at the edge
  • Enhanced security

With Oort DEN, Oort introduced Deimos, the edge node device built for Oort DEN with computing and storage capabilities suitable for any household setting. Deimos will be manufactured and available to purchase through Deimos Eco-partners. To test Oort DEN’s network stability, Oort will launch the third phase of its testnet, Ascraeus, where miners will use Deimos to mine in 2023.

Ceaselessly Improved Network…by All of You


Oort launched several bounties on Gitcoin, inviting developers worldwide to come and make Oort even better. Developers and users in Oort’s community helped test the mainnet and generated 2,230,676 blocks in the mainnet’s dev environment.

Gathering our developer friends, Oort hosted the first-ever hackathon with Storj, with 354 participants and 31 teams submitting their innovations.


Oort launched its second testnet, Huygens. Welcoming 447 miners and 37005 machines worldwide and is now generating 74,722,473,248 Metapower (MP/s).

  • 2989 Petabyte
  • 1 Petabyte = 11,000 4K movies
  • Oort = 32,878,282 4K movies

Yes, that’s 7472.7 years of a non-stop movie marathon.

A Family in Different Places and Forms

In this past year, Oort continued to thrive on 9 platforms, reaching a total of 112,044 users.

  • 55,945 Twitter followers
  • 25,639 Instagram followers
  • 18,652 members on Telegram
  • 8,517 members on Discord

Oort Around the Globe

In 2022, Oort met some incredible people in New York, Austin, Dubai, and Hongkong, attending events like Consensus 2022, NFTNYC 2022, and LedgerFest, and hosting events of our own.

Aside from webinars and mining tutorials on Youtube, Oort hosted 480 minutes of Twitter Spaces featuring 8 of our partners and started discourses in the Web3 space with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.

Check out our panel event: Decentralized Storage Roundtable in Austin 👇

New Connections, New Beginnings

2022 was a year to connect and explore. To build a better Web3 ecosystem, Oort partnered with 22 innovative teams, including AppsCo, Crypto Legacy, COTX, Crust, Layerr, Midas Wireless, Numen Cyber, Storj, Supermoon, and Y0NFT.

Born in a university lab, Oort also branched out to offer opportunities to university students, making 15 university partners across the United States, including the University of Chicago, MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Columbia University, etc.

2022, as Advised

Oort is gratified to have a board of brilliant advisors from various prestigious institutions.

Oort was honored to be continuously advised by:

  • Dr. Steve Liu, an IEEE fellow, and fellow at the Canadian Academy of Engineering, VP of R&D at Samsung AI center Montreal
  • Mamadou Kwidjim Toure, Founder and Chairman at Africa 2.0, Forbes top 10 most influential people in Africa

Oort also welcomed 7 new excellent advisors on board this past year:

  • Dave Moellenhoff, CTO & Founder at Salesforce.com
  • Mitch Kennedy, Global Loyalty Strategy Lead at Dell
  • Todd McGee, CEO and Global Business Development Officer at CataBoom
  • Norm Levy, Founder of the Social Norm LLC
  • Kevin Henshaw, COO & President, Together Labs (was IMVU)
  • Jeff Unze, President, BD at BorderX Lab
  • Efe Büken, Senior partner of Muhabbit and Muhabbit Capital

Here’s to 2023

Thanks for being here in 2022. We have a few exciting items down the pipeline. Here’s a sneak peek.

New Testnet

Ascraeus: in the evaluation of DEN tokenomics and network performance


Web3 University Panel Series
First Stop: University of Chicago
Time: Jan 12th, 2023, at 1 PM EST


Oort DCS | Decentralized Compute Service
Oort DCS enables data analysis, data pipeline, and more with our data compute engine.

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